Thursday, October 23, 2014

Denim Drive
Wow!  Our 4th Grade sponsored Denim Drive was a huge success!  A total of 217 pieces of denim were collected.  We exceeded the initial goal of 200.  Thank you families for your donations and thank you fourth grade teachers and students for sponsoring this drive! 

Extended Planning
This week our teachers participated in a ½ day of Extended Planning with their teams.  The purpose of this is to provide teachers with extended time during the school day to collaborate as a team in order to best meet the needs of our students. During this time teachers reviewed data, discussed upcoming units, analyzed the curriculum, planned formative and summative assessments, and developed learning activities.  I sat in during most of the planning this week and I’m excited about the learning experiences our teachers are developing for our students.  This year we are having many conversations about ways to meet the individual needs of our students to ensure all students continually grow.  Our teachers are dedicated to this and it was evident during their planning sessions this week.  I’m so proud to be a part of this outstanding group of educators! 

Red Ribbon Week

We have had a great week celebrating our commitment to being drug free and making healthy choices.  The Red Ribbon Assembly was great…we even had a parent agree to be Mr. Banana and demonstrate healthy exercises to promote our PTA Healthy Living Program!  Mrs. Martin led the whole campus body in singing the song Mighty United, which she taught students in all grade levels.  Coach Tighe organized fifth grade students who impressed us all with their jump-roping abilities and our very own CCE teachers served as models to demonstrate what to wear each day this week.  We have loved seeing the children each morning in their crazy socks, pajamas and crazy hats.  

CCE Cook Out
Next Friday, October 31st is our CCE Lunchtime Cook Out!  The cafeteria will be serving Hamburgers or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Please join us for a picnic style lunch!  Classes will "dine" during their regular lunch times.  There will be some tables set up in the cafeteria, but we encourage students, staff and families to enjoy the beautiful weather and find a spot outside.  If you are interested in volunteering on this day and haven't already signed up, please click on the following link or contact Kathy Gilligan, our Cafeteria Mangaer @  We are looking forward to seeing you at the Cook Out!

Runners Club
Runners Club starts tomorrow!  This is a PTA sponsored club that provides a fun non-competitive environment for children to run at their own pace.  Parents are welcome to run, too!  Runners Club will meet on Fridays on the “track” from 2:45 p.m. – 3:25 p.m. If you haven’t registered and plan to, the link is below.

Canyon Creek now has a Facebook Page
Canyon Creek is well represented in the Social Media world!  We now have a Canyon Creek Facebook page.  We will use this page as a way to share information and celebrations.  Please “Like” our page to receive updates as they are added. 

Early Release
Next Wednesday, October 29th is an Early Release Day.  Please make arrangements to pick your child/children up at 12:45 p.m.  Teachers participate in professional development on the Early Release days. 

Book Fair Coming Soon
We will have our Scholastic Book Fair November 4th – 6th.  Scholastic Book Fairs present a wide variety of books carefully selected for students at all reading levels. 
Book Fair Schedule:
      Tuesday, Nov. 4th – 2:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
      Wednesday, Nov. 5th – 7:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
      Thursday, Nov. 6th – 7:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Friday, October 24th - End of the 1st Quarter
Monday, October 27th - 2nd Nine Weeks begins
Wednesday, October 29th - Early Release Day (12:45 p.m.)
Thursday, October 30th - Picture Retakes
Friday, October 31st - Cook Out!
Monday, November 3rd - CCE Book Fair
Tuesday, November 4th - Report Cards go home
Tuesday, November 4th - PTA General Meeting 6:30 p.m., Gr. 5 Music Performance

Friday, October 17, 2014

Principal Update

It is important to us that our students attend school every day possible.  We appreciate your partnership in ensuring students are here.  I am pleased to share that our Average Daily Attendance Rate Percentage for the first six weeks of school is 98.5%!  WOW!  This is incredible.  I hope we can continue to celebrate high attendance with our Comets! 

CCE Welcomes Three New Members To The Team
We are excited to welcome Tanya Pope, Sheri Fowler and Joan Bevers to our campus as Educational Assistants.  Tanya will support students and teachers alongside Kathy Sternad, our campus Interventionist.  Sheri will work alongside Mr. G.W., in our FAC classroom and Joan will work alongside Cynthia Gordon, in our FCC classroom.  These three are not brand new to our campus.  They have supported us in different ways since the start of the school year.  We are thrilled to have them here full time.  Please give them a warm welcome and introduce yourself if you haven’t had a chance to meet them. 

Professional Development Day 
Monday was a great day here at CCE full of learning for the staff.  We began the day digging further into our campus data, learned, reviewed and discussed instructional strategies which promote student engagement and ended the day with teachers working in vertical content teams.  It was a busy day, but very productive! 

Red Ribbon Week
Next week is Red Ribbon Week, October 20th – 24th.  The week will kick off with a Red Ribbon Assembly on Monday and the fun won’t stop there!  Students and staff are encouraged to show their commitment for being drug free and making healthy choices by participating in the designated theme each day:

Monday – Wear Red
Tuesday – “Sock It To Drugs” – Wear Crazy Socks
Wednesday – “Put Drugs To Bed” – Wear Pajamas (don’t forget appropriate shoes for recess and P.E.)
Thursday – “Put A Cap on Drugs” – Wear a Creative Hat
Friday – “CCE United” – Wear CCE T-Shirt or school colors (Blue & Silver)

Please fill out the volunteer application online if you plan to volunteer in any capacity on campus.  Also, please be sure to sign in as a volunteer when donating your time on campus, as our volunteer hours are tracked at the district level.  We want to be able to recognize our CCE volunteers for the many hours dedicated to supporting our campus! 

Watt Watchers is coming!
Beginning November 3rd, the third grade students will implement the Watt Watchers program.  Watt Watchers is a program designed to help the campus become more energy efficient.  The third grade students visit classrooms during the school day to check for lights, projectors and TVs that are left on during times students are out of the classroom.  Friendly reminders will be left for classrooms where lights are on, but no one is “home”.  The students will track the daily/weekly data which is reported on the white board in the hallway which leads to the cafeteria.  Thanks, third grade! 


Friday, October 17th – 4th Grade Sponsored Denim Drive Ends

Saturday, October 18th – CCE Singing Stars Night at the Texas Stars Game

Monday, October 20th – Red Ribbon Week kicks off

Friday, October 24th – End of the 1st Quarter

Monday, October 27th – 2nd Nine Weeks begins

Wednesday, October 29th – Early Release Day (12:45 p.m.)

Thursday, October 30th – Picture Retakes

Friday, October 31st – COOK OUT!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Principal Update

Box Tops
Our Box Tops Contest was a HUGE success this year!!  Thank you so much to everyone for participating!  Here are the final results:

1 - Morris - 3,292
2 - Neuman 3,239
3 - Miller 3,208
4 - Pina 2,166
5 - Ogle 1,848

We surpassed our original goal of 30,000 Box Tops ($3,000) with a final total of 33,333!  Our Comets will all be rewarded with a School-wide Pajama Day to celebrate their efforts. Stay tuned…the date is “to be determined”.  Thank you Barbara Cowman, our PTA Box Tops Coordinator!

Safety Patrol
Our 5th Grade Safety Patrol students are doing an outstanding job!  Their dedication, service, great attitudes and commitment to safety is easily observed.  We love our Comets and are so proud and appreciative of the work they are doing. Thanks Coach Tighe for organizing this team so well. 


CCE Student Council
We are excited to announce that this year we will form our very own Canyon Creek Student Council!  Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will have the opportunity to run for Student Council.  We will have representatives from every 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classroom.  An information letter has already gone home with students and soon teachers will begin discussing the election progress.  The goal of Student Council is to give students a voice, provide opportunities to support campus initiatives and help carry out projects which benefit CCE.  Each Student Council member will be assigned to a Kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade classroom and will regularly report to their assigned classroom in order to keep all Comets “in the loop.”  

Cook Out
We encourage all families to join us on Friday, October 31st for a CCE Lunchtime Cook Out.  The cafeteria will be serving Hamburgers or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Reservation slips went home this Tuesday in students’ Tuesday Folders.  Classes will “dine” during their regular lunch times. There will be some tables set up in the cafeteria, but we encourage students, staff and families to enjoy the beautiful weather and find a spot outside to enjoy lunch—picnic style!  Please send in your Reservation Slip so the cafeteria can plan accordingly.  Be sure to indicate if you are interested in the vegetarian option (Grilled Cheese Sandwich).  If you are interested in volunteering on this day, we would love extra help!  Please contact Kathy Gilligan, our Cafeteria Manager @

Student Holiday
Monday, October 13th is a Student Holiday!  We will miss the students, but we are looking forward to a fun day of learning here on campus during staff development.   

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders
We have placed cones in the Boulder Lane Driveway during arrival and dismissal.  The purpose of these cones is to assist the traffic flow during these busy times by defining a two-way entrance/exit in this driveway.  Regardless of whether you plan to use the car line or plan to park in the lot to escort your child/children to or from school, please enter the driveway using the RIGHT “lane” only.  This will allow cars access to exit the driveway.  When cars enter through the left “lane”, it blocks cars from being able to exit properly.  If you need clarification, please feel free to contact the school office.

Also, if your child/children walk to school alone, please be sure they are using crosswalks where we have crossing guards.  We have had a few reports of children not doing this.  It is still dark and can be hard to see children crossing, especially when they are not using designated crosswalks.  We want our Comets to be safe!

Red Ribbon Week
We will celebrate Red Ribbon Week the week of October 20th – 24th.  Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.  Red Ribbon Week is a great opportunity to expose students to the importance of being drug free and making healthy choices.  You will receive more information in next week’s Tuesday Folder.  Students and staff will stand UNITED against drugs! We will “Sock it to Drugs”, “Put Drugs to Bed” and “Put a Cap on Drugs” throughout the week. 


Monday, October 13th – Student Holiday/Staff Development

Friday, October 17th – 4th Grade Sponsored Denim Drive Ends

Saturday, October 18th – CCE Singing Stars Night at the Texas Stars Game

Monday, October 20th – Red Ribbon Week kicks off

Friday, October 24th – End of the 1st Quarter

Wednesday, October 29th – Early Release

Thursday, October 30th – Picture Retakes

Friday, October 31st – COOK OUT!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Principal Update

Education, Go Get It Week
Last week we had such a fun time learning about different colleges and universities.  The students completed various activities in their classrooms and in the hallways.  Ask your child what college his/her teacher attended. 

Watch D.O.G.S. have reported to duty!
We are excited that our Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) have begun to “report to duty”!  We have Watch D.O.G.S. on our campus each week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  We love having our dads volunteer their time to be with us and support our campus.  The purpose of the Watch D.O.G.S. program is to 1) provide positive role models for students, demonstrated by their presence that education is important and 2) provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.   When our Watch D.O.G.S. report to campus on their selected day, they are greeted in the office and given a full day’s schedule which involves time in various classrooms, specials areas classrooms, the lunchroom, outside with students during recess and “patrol duty” around the campus (inside and outside). 

Arrival and Dismissal Information
We are experiencing some traffic flow concerns at the Boulder Lane Driveway.  This driveway is a two-way entrance/exit.  We need to leave space for cars to enter and exit.  We will be placing cones in the middle of the driveway in an effort to define an enter lane and exit lane.  When two cars enter the driveway beside each other, it makes it impossible for cars to exit.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.  It is our first concern to ensure safe practices for pedestrians, cars, safety patrol students and staff during arrival and dismissal.  With such a short window for arrival and dismissal the roads, parking spaces and car lines get crowded.  Your patience is appreciated. 

Progress Reports, Grades 3-5
Progress Reports for students in grades 3-5 went home this week. Please keep in mind these reports do not include grades entered after September 24th.  We encourage parents to visit Home Access Center (HAC) often as this is where you will find the most up-to-date averages.  If you are unable to access HAC or have questions, please contact Becky Klaus, our campus Registrar, at or 428-2800.  

PTA Healthy Living Program
In your child’s Tuesday Folder you should have received a flyer with information about a new PTA program which promotes making healthy choices.  Have your child participate by completing at least 25 of the suggested healthy actions on the Healthy Actions Calendar.  Once your child completes the activities, they can turn in the completed calendar to their teacher and receive a prize! 

Thank you, PTA
Our PTA supports our campus in so many ways.  We want to thank all of our PTA members for helping make Canyon Creek a great place for our students.  Your partnership is important to us and all you do for us does not go unnoticed. 

Important Dates
Friday, October 3rd - Gr. 5 Field Trip
Monday, October 13th - Student Holiday
Saturday, October 18th - Singing Stars at the Texas Stars game
Friday, October 24th - End of the first nine weeks, Gr. 2 Field Trip
Wednesday, October 29th - Early Release (12:45 p.m.)
Thursday, October 30th - Student Picture Re-takes

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Principal Update

We have had a great start to the school year!
I couldn’t be more proud of the great things I see going on here each and every day.  This was confirmed yesterday when we had a visitor on our campus.  Our visitor popped into each classroom for a quick visit.  She shared her observations with our staff.  Here are a few of the things she had to say about her visit:
  • I have never, ever, seen so many amazing instructional practices packed into a short amount of time!
  • Students were actively engaged in every classroom.
  • Instructional time was utilized.  The routines and expectations were both understood and followed by students.
  • Laughter--kids were having fun while they were learning!
  • Objectives were clear.  Students knew what they were learning and why it was important.
Our teachers and students are working hard and it is showing.  Thank you for sharing your students with us.
What has been going on these past 4 week?
We have had Open House for all grade levels, we have held our first PTA meeting, students have reviewed safety drills, cafeteria expectations, classroom routines, and students have learned about each other and learned to problem solve during classroom meetings.  Lunch Recess for grades 3-5 is in full swing and Spanish Enrichment began on Tuesday, thanks to our great PTA! CCE has been a busy place. 
Other News
Parent Conferences
Parent conferences begin next week.  Our teachers have spent these past four weeks learning about your child and are excited to work with you to set goals and discuss strategies to ensure a successful year of learning. 

Early Release
We will have our first Early Release day next Wednesday, September 24th.  Students will be dismissed at 12:45p.m.  Please make arrangements to pick your child up early this day. 
Capturing Kids’ Hearts
Capturing Kids’ Hearts is here!  One of our campus initiatives is to train all of our teachers and implement this program for the 2014-2015 school year.  The mission is simple: To win our students’ hearts and to lead them to their personal best.  Beginning this year, all classroom teachers will greet their students at the door with a handshake (or hug or high five) to let them know they are a valued member of their classroom community.  In addition, classrooms are creating social contracts which outline how students want to be treated by one another at school.  Weekly class meetings are a great opportunity to problem solve as needed AND to celebrate successes as a classroom community.  We currently have 17 teachers trained! 
Education, Go Get It Week
One of our Superintendent’s goals is to promote college readiness and planning from an early age.  Each year, our district celebrates “Education, Go Get It” week to promote higher education.  Instilling the belief that all students can be college bound begins in elementary school.  We will celebrate “Education, Go Get It” week, next week (Sept. 22nd – 26th).  We begin each day by learning about some of the colleges or universities our CCE teachers attended, on the morning broadcast.  Students participate in a different activity each day of the week.  Our 5th grade students will receive a visit from Academy Ambassadors from Westwood High School.  On Friday, we invite all students and staff to wear a t-shirt from a college or university of their choice.  This is a great way to conclude the week. 
Watch D.O.G.S. Kick off Night

Tonight is our Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Kick off Night, here in the CCE cafeteria, beginning at 6:30 p.m.  This is a great night for our dads to learn about the Watch D.O.G.S. program and sign up to volunteer.  Children are welcome to attend with their dad and pizza will be served!  The link will go “live” tonight after the meeting, so those who are not able to attend will be able to sign up to volunteer.  Watch D.O.G.S. is one of our favorite PTA programs.  We enjoy having our dads here on campus with us.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day Reminders


We are looking forward to having our Comets here with us tomorrow for the first day of school!  We just wanted to send you a few reminders to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.
The front doors will open at 7:20 a.m.  The classroom doors will be open at this time as well, so students can go into their classrooms right away.  Beginning on Wednesday, students will wait outside their classrooms until 7:30 a.m. We prefer to have students settled in their rooms by 7:40 a.m. so they will be ready for the school announcements at 7:45 a.m.  
You are welcome to drop students off using either of our two pick-up/drop-off lines, or you are welcome to walk your child into the building.  If you plan to park and walk your child into the building, please make sure to use the side parking lot that is labeled “Staff and Visitor Parking”.  We try to minimize traffic in front of the school as parking is limited and we have many students who walk to school and use the crosswalk in the front parking lot.  
The dismissal bell will ring at 2:45 p.m. You are welcome to pick your child up using either of our two pick-up/drop-off lines.  Students who are using the pick-up/drop-off lines will exit the building through the side doors closest to the line they will be using.  Make sure your child knows which line you will be using.  We will have all walking students and bike riding students exit the building through the front door of the school.  Please plan a meeting place with your child so that you can be easily located.  
Please plan a meeting spot outside of the school building as our hallways get crowded during dismissal time.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Important Back to School Events

Canyon Creek Families,

The 2014-2015 school year is right around the corner!  We are excited to welcome our Comets back to CCE and meet our new Comets, as well.  We are busy preparing for a fun and exciting school year.  During these next few weeks we have many events planned.  Please mark your calendars for the events below. 
Thursday, August 21st           8:00- 10:00 a.m.     WELCOME WALK
Your child’s teacher will visit your home between 8 and 10 a.m. for a quick visit to meet your child.  This is one of my favorite traditions here at CCE.  The neighborhood will be busy with excited teachers and students.  If you are not able to be home during this time, please call 512-428-2800 and let us know.  We will make sure your child's teacher gets the message.  The teacher will leave the welcome packet by your front door. 
Thursday, August 21st          4:00 – 6:00 p.m.     SUPPLY PICK UP
If you pre-ordered your school supplies through PTA, please stop by the school to pick them up. This year the PTA has a new process.  Pull into the driveway, stop in front of the portable buildings, a volunteer will greet you at your car, retrieve your supplies for you, without you ever leaving your car!  Now that is service!  
Friday, August 22nd          7:30-10a.m.     PTA FALL FLING
The PTA will be hosting its FALL FLING in the Canyon Creek cafeteria.  During this time you can purchase school t-shirts, yearbooks, PTA memberships, sign up to volunteer, add money to lunch accounts, drop off medications to the school nurse, and much more!
Friday, August 22nd              8:00-9:00 a.m.     SUPPLY DROP OFF               
Your child will be able to visit his/her classroom, drop off supplies, and get organized for the first day of school. 
Monday, August 25th          7:30-8:15 a.m.     KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION
Calling all Kindergarten parents!  Come to the Canyon Creek Library to visit with the Kindergarten teachers.  They will answer any questions you have and make sure you and your child are prepared for the first day of school. 
Tuesday, August 26th     FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
The doors open at 7:20 a.m.  Students and families are welcome to arrive any time between 7:20 and 7:40 a.m.  We prefer for students and teachers to be settled in by 7:45 a.m.  Beginning at 7:45 a.m. Kindergarten parents are welcome to meet in the Library for COFFEE AND KLEENEX.  We know the first day of Kindergarten is a big day for you and your child.  Join other Kindergarten parents for coffee, and kleenex for tears of sorrow or joy.  Everyone handles it differently!  :-) 
I am looking forward to a great school year.  Be sure to visit our website for school information and calendar events.  The staff will work hard to keep our website current with up-to-date information throughout the year.

See you soon,
Jenny Kasson, Principal